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Translation rates

Our pricing structure is completely transparent. And we always try our best to match a competitors quote. Simply tell us what the next best quote you received was and we will try to match it.

How do we price translations?

  • Quotations are calculated based on the final estimated wordcount or character count of a completed translation. We can provide a quote at no extra cost!
  • The final estimated wordcount allows for expansion or contraction of the original text
  • The price per word varies according to language and document type. Unusual languages and specialist translations are more expensive, for example.
  • We have a minimum charge of £75 plus VAT
  • Typically, our wordcounts are accurate. But if our initial estimate is too high, we will always reduce the final cost of the translation
  • Large translations (10,000 words or more) and runs of translations are eligible for a discount
  • To maintain the highest standard of quality, proofreading is included with all our translations
  • We may be able to reduce costs when there is no hurry for the completion of a translation

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