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Translation process

A methodical and careful translation process ensures translations read as fluently as the original

  • Translations are always carried out by experienced translators who are mother-tongue speakers of the target language.
  • Translators are hand-picked experts in their field as well as proficient linguists.
  • Both translators’ language and expertise are matched to your assignment to ensure the translated vocabulary is professionally correct.
  • All assignments are efficiently managed by Aplomb’s certified translation managers.
  • To translate large assignments quickly, Aplomb assembles a specialist team of translators, lead by a certified translations manager. Each translator translates a section of the text and the entire assignment is proofread and harmonised by a key translator.
  • Large jobs are coordinated by a single proofreader to ensure Aplomb’s high quality and consistency.
  • All our translations are proofread as standard so you only receive a first class product.
  • We are always available to resolve queries with regard to a translation.
  • We are so confident of the quality of our translation service that we offer a 30-day peace of mind guarantee.

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