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Unique Resources offered by Aplomb Translations include tailored services to suit the needs of our business clients, and tailored training services to meet the needs of our translators.

Global Corporate Communication Proofreading
Aplomb proofreads news bulletins and articles for many of our business clients who work in a multi-lingual corporate environment where they are regularly expected to communicate in a language other than their mother tongue. Aplomb checks their text and offers suggestions for stylistic, vocabulary and grammatical changes to suit the purpose of each communication. Sometimes the language is correct, and it may simply need to be adapted in terms of formality. In other cases, we will email and phone to ensure we provide sentences that truly express what our client is attempting to say. Our clients love this service as they can always get short emails, brochures and notices returned quite quickly. Aplomb, as well as our clients, have noticed how rapidly their confidence in their language skills has developed and improved through using this service. All languages can be accommodated.


Corporate Marketing Transcreation

Aplomb Translations provides assistance with creating appropriate text for Websites and marketing campaigns to suit all languages and corporate styles. Recently, Aplomb translated a website about specialist concrete. Our translators who are also engineers translated the text for appropriate technical vocabulary and accuracy. Then, we had the translated text amended for style and corporate marketing purposes. We proofread the text again and then discussed variations in vocabulary glossary terms and stylistic phrase choices with our client. Through continuous dialogue with our client, we ensured Aplomb provided an accurate translation which conveys the enthusiastic innovation and energy of the company.

Techncial Translator Training
& Professional Development

Aplomb provides professional development training courses for translators. Aplomb offers free information sessions for translators interested in setting up on a freelance basis, as well as paid for intensive professional training courses. Training courses are tailored to the needs of the individual translators for both language skills and specialisation choice. Aplomb creates courses for both individuals and groups. As a leading provider of Legal translations, Aplomb must ensure our translators have the highest skills in their field in order to meet our clients’ requirements. Aplomb offers learning platforms for translators to enhance their translation skills and teach them the professional nuances necessary for undertaking advanced legal translation work. Having properly trained and assessed professionals is just one of the ways in which Aplomb assures we deliver a quality product.

Court Interpreting Training

Aplomb provides training for those interpreters interested in working as legal interpreters. Aplomb arranges linguistic based courses for terminology introduction and practice, procedural practice and professional expectations of clients. These sessions are arranged on both an individual and a group basis. Please contact us to register your interest in attending a session in a specific language.

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