Aplomb arranges Notarisation and Legalisation of translated documents.

What is Notarisation?

Notarisation is a process used to certify documents. A document is notarised, once a notary applies his signature and seal to the document.

Aplomb works closely with a team of notaries so that the notarisation of a translation can be made quickly, cost effectively and flexibly.


What types of documents need notarisation?

  • signature of a Power of Attorney

  • documents requiring Legalisation

  • a certified copy of an official document (such as a passport)

  • identification to open a bank account

  • documents encompassing a statutory declaration, the swearing of an oath or affidavit

  • documents to buy, sell or transfer property

  • a deed signed in front of a notary

  • confirmation of your single status in order to marry

  • a translation certified by a notary

(This list is not exhaustive)


What is a Notary Public ?

A  Notary Public in England and Wales is an individual, holding an internationally recognised qualification from the Court of Faculties based in London, allowing that individual to carry out work such as that of the witnessing of signatures, the preparation of deeds, affidavits and certificates.  The majority of Notaries are also Solicitors.

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