Translation Quality – Number 1 at Aplomb

Monday, August 1st, 2016

Aplomb Quality Translations Translation Quality – Number 1 at Aplomb

At Aplomb, Translation quality has always been our top driver for change, whether for new technology, innovative training, creative methodology or additional people.

 For 26 years, Aplomb’s clients have placed quality first.


If a translation is not exact, then speed and price become irrelevant. Aplomb knows that a translation is a professional product and we have always included proofreading as standard, as it is the best method to ensure each product meets our high Aplomb standards. Plus, translation is an organic process, and for this reason, we are always happy to incorporate requests and changes, and we actively seek feedback from our clients in order to create a final product that meets their requirements in style, preferred terminology, specific company branding, translation of names, layout and idiomatic and technical expressions. When translating from our client’s original text into another language, we regularly consult our clients with options to determine which meaning or style of phrase or term best conveys their original intention in the source text.

According to SDL’s,
“Quality is king – the research revealed that it is seen as being 6x more important than speed or cost.”

There is always more than one way to express an idea and Aplomb strives to ensure our translations express our clients ideas accurately in both meaning and style.

Dialogue with our clients enables Aplomb to best achieve our high degree of professionalism for all our translations.

Aplomb has created flexible solutions which enable us to tailor each individual job to meet the changing requirements of our clients. To understand what our clients want, need and require, we speak with them. In this way, we are able to deliver the correct product.

How does Aplomb ensure translation quality as technology and market requirements change?
Changing technology and market requirements are presenting new methods of working for language professionals. At Aplomb, we welcome new technology. We regularly adopt our methods to accommodate technological and security requirements necessary to carry out work for our clients. Confidentiality is also always a key factor when implementing new technology. Language professionals are often asked to collaborate on large bodies of work. Many translators use translation software to assist with translations. It is clear however, that translation software will not replace translators, as translation is process, carried out by people.

Software and computers are good tools, which, when expertly used by a good translator, can help to produce a consistent, accurate and professional styled translation – sometimes more quickly.

However, all divided (chunked) translations always need to be collated and coordinated by a single translator and all translations need to be proofread by a person. At Aplomb, this is how we ensure professional translation quality.

How is exceptional quality maintained at Aplomb?
A good quality translation takes time. First the draft translation is carried out. Then it is proofread for accuracy, and all terms are amended for consistency. Queries are relayed to the client and clarifications are made. The document is proofread again. Layout and style are checked and amendments are made where necessary. The document may be proofread again if many changes have been made. The final product is then sent to the client. If there are any further amendments required, these are made and the document is then checked again before being sent to the client.

Quality is important to us at Aplomb, as our reputation is based on it.

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