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Aplomb has an established reputation for providing speedy & accurate translations.

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How fast can we translate?

We would like to be able to say that there is practically no limit to our translating speed but realistically, because we don’t like to compromise on quality, about 20,000 words a day is as fast as we can translate — though this does depend on the nature of your document. We think few translation agencies can do better.


Speedy Translations

How fast is urgent?

For super speedy translations, we organise a team of translators working round the clock.  A proof-reader then brings together the different parts, harmonising terminology and style.  All work is supervised by Aplomb’s certified translations managers.

Normal Speed

What is the usual speed?

Normal text can be translated by a single translator at a rate of 2-3,000 words per day.  More complicated jobs — handwritten or highly technical text, or translations for publication — will be slower.

Interim measures

Can I see it before it is completed?

Because we understand that you may not be able to wait while a translation is being completed, we can return draft sections of a translation to you in the meantime, for information purposes only.  Later, we can provide you with the final, proof read version.


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