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How do we ensure confidentiality?

Many of our translations involve sensitive legal and financial documents (see our case studies). We handle all translations in confidence as a matter of course.


Aplomb treats all work as confidential

  • Our translators and interpreters are experienced, trusted professionals who are carefully selected by Aplomb.
  • Whether just for a quote or as part of a job, any documents we receive — and translations of documents — are safely kept and, if required, destroyed.

Confidentiality agreements

  • We ensure that all of our translators and interpreters sign confidentiality agreements with Aplomb.
  • We have a standard confidentiality agreement which we sign on request by our clients.
  • We are also happy to sign confidentiality agreements you propose.

Secure document transfer

  • For highly sensitive documents, we are able to adapt our procedures to work within a secure document transfer system.
  • We can offer secure, tailored solutions on a one-off or on an ongoing basis.
  • We will work with you to ensure your documents are secure.



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